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Simplicity Funeral Home

Simplicity funeral home is a family owned business that provides affordable specialised funeral services here in Hamilton, Waikato. We understand the importance of providing a personalised service that caters to all religious and cultural needs..

To create a relaxed environment that allows family to be involved throughout the funeral process and help eliminate any stress or worry during these final moments with your loved ones.

Most of us are not prepared to plan a funeral for someone we love. It can be a time of confusion, shock, sadness and grief.

What do we do and who do we contact? At Simplicity we are here to provide we are here to provide all the information needed and guide families through options to help with the difficult decisions during this time.

We are here to help you with all the arrangements, offer our advice and provide assistance to ensure all your requirements are met in a caring and professional manner. Call us today on (07) 847 6851